What’s the process for getting a new exterior sign for my store?

  • You contact us
  • You provide your logo in vector art
  • We’ll come down to get the measurements
  • We’ll research the zoning codes for the township to see what types of signs are allowed and how big they can be
  • With those requirements in mind, we’ll work on the design
  • When the design is complete, we’ll send you:
  1. A rendering of the sign — so you can see how your sign will look on your building
  2. An estimate
  • Once the rendering is approved, we’ll apply for zoning and construction permits with the township
  • We’ll fabricate the sign
  • We’ll install the sign
  • We’ll arrange for the final inspection from the town

Is there a warranty?

Yes — We offer a 2-year warranty on all of our sign products.

Do you have a minimum charge?

Because we specialize in big signage projects, we have a minimum charge of $300 for any service or product.

Do you repair signs and maintain parking lot lighting?

Yes — We’ll come down to your site for maintenance or repair.

Do you fabricate and install signs for other sign companies?

Yes – We partner with two different types of sign companies:

  • Smaller sign companies who don’t have the capacity to manufacture and install bigger and more complex signage.
  • National sign companies located in other states that need local work done in NJ.

Do you make interior signs?

We specialize in outdoor signage, but we do offer interior signs as part of a full package.

Do you do vehicle graphics?

No — We focus only on on-site signage.

Is there a cost to get an exterior sign estimate?

There is no charge for an estimate if you have the measurements and design ready to go — we can create an estimate based on those measurements.

If you do need us to come down to your site to take professional measurements and design the sign, it will incur a deposit of $300. That $300 deposit will then be credited towards the sign if you decide to complete the job with us.

What’s the average cost of an exterior sign?

The average cost of an exterior sign — after permits, engineering drawings, electrical work, and installation — usually turns out to be between $3,000 – $7,000.

Are you UL certified?

Yes — Quality is our first priority.